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Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Seven Habits: More on Begin with the End in Mind, and its relationship to Putting First Things First.

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Covey's second and third habits are "Begin with the End in Mind," and "Put First Things First." The first of his habits is "Be Pro-Active." Looking at this a bit more closely, and thinking with "synergy," to use one of Covey's favorite words, we can re-arrange these three habits into one principle: Be pro-active by putting first things first, where the first thing is to begin with the Ends in mind. That is, being pro-active (getting off your backside) should, first and foremost, involve some deep thinking about what is most important to you, what the most effective ways of acting are so that you can approach your goals, and planning, brainstorming, careful thinking and rearranging your ideas and your priorities.

Covey's seven habits system is counter-intuitive to many people. The habits stress over and over the value of planning. This is why we, in our household, are starting to lay aside more time for sitting at the kitchen table with pen and paper, and actually thinking and discussing what it is we want, and how to get what we want. This seems to be a waste or distraction of time, when we could be doing, doing, doing, but the fact is that, once we have started to develop a better idea of what we want, of "where we are heading," then actions are not just fluff, not just treadmilling, but allow for a more contemplative dimension that is invaluable. Life is short. Dont' piddle away your time on things that are less important to you than they may at first glance seem to be.
Stephen Covey's Seven (7) Habits of Highly Effective People system requires organizing and planning in detail, and in an ongoing way. Maybe something found by clicking on this line of text might help you with this...
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