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Monday, June 06, 2005

Stephen Covey's 7 Habits Highly Effective People: It Really Is Important

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Stephen Covey's Seven Habits book (STEPHEN COVEY SEVEN (7) HABITS BOOKS: Click ON ME), when you strip away the hype and coffuffle that any "fad" attracts, is not just "good stuff," there is a sense in which it is an essential approach.

Since I started this Blog, and decided to take Covey's book as a daily guideline for life (if only to see what would happen!) I have noticed a lot of great effects. It really does matter, for example, that you take the long view, plan carefully, not live in "day-tight-compartments" but think about what it is you are trying to accomplish. I would also say that the attempt to live a more moral life, and a more organised life, have paid off in terms of my mood. I feel less swamped, less in need of attending to every little potential problem (if it's not a "biggy" I ignore it), and I would say that my relationships have all improved. I would say, in general, that I feel freer, that things that I would once have fretted over are now acknowledged as peripheral to my main goals, and that I am generally more forgiving.

What can I say? I would recommend Covey's ideas to anyone -- which does not mean that they can be read over once and then absorbed: I am making it a daily habit to pick up the Seven Habits and dip into it, just as I would if I were studying for a course. After all, I am thinking all the time anyway, perhaps it is better to organise my thinking, and start pointing it at "the things that matter most."
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