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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stephen Covey's Seven Habits and Fuzzy-mindedness

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Stephen Covey advocates determining the best course of action in any given situation through careful thinking and consideration. But what do you do when you are just having one of those fuzzy days when you can't think straight? Perhaps this is why he suggests planning, on paper or on handheld computer, so that when you do hit those times, you can reflect on what you had already written down as your most important areas to do work in, by referring to your planner. In this way you can compensate for your fuzzy days by using a "prosthetic device for the mind!" (I saw some research on TV once that shows that this is what doctors recommend for people with repeated amnesia disorder: they use palmpilots, etc, with alarm-clocks built in so that they can string together their otherwise disconnected lives...) (STEPHEN COVEY SEVEN (7) HABITS BOOKS: Click ON ME)

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